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Azure Cost Management and Billing pricing

Manage your cloud spending with confidence

Better manage cloud spend by managing costs across all your clouds with a single, unified view and use cost allocation to distribute costs across your org. Azure Cost Management and Billing is available to Azure customers and managed service providers at no additional cost.

Cost Management for Azure

The following Cost Management features are provided in the Azure portal for managing Azure spend at no additional cost.

Reporting Report on cost and usage
Data enrichment Categorise by resource tags
Budgets Create and manage cost and usage budgets
Alerting Create alerts on cost and usage budgets
Recommendations Eliminate idle cloud resources
Right-size cloud resources
Price Free for Azure

Cost Management for other clouds

Cost Management for AWS costs using Connector for AWS

Cost Management for AWS is charged at 1% of the total AWS managed spend. Every month, you will be charged 1% of your previous month’s AWS costs under management. The charges will be pro-rated for the first month of service and will renew monthly at the beginning of each month. The service renews every month, and you may cancel subsequent renewals at any time. Accessing AWS APIs may incur additional costs.


  1. If you begin the service on 10 Jan, you will be charged two thirds of the 1% of January’s AWS costs under management in February.
  2. If you cancel auto-renewal on 15 April, you will have continued service till 30 April, and the service will be cancelled on 1 May. You will receive an invoice of 1% of your April AWS costs under management in May.

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