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Azure Germany in CSP for Microsoft Cloud Germany

As a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner for Microsoft Cloud Germany, transact across Microsoft cloud services (ie: Azure Germany, Office 365 Germany and Dynamics 365 Germany) through a single platform. CSP enables partners to: own the customer lifecycle and relationship end-to-end; set the price, terms and directly note customers; directly provision and manage subscriptions; attach value-added services; and be the first point of contact for customer support.

If you are a customer, work directly with your partner to design and implement a solution that meets your unique needs. Contact your Microsoft partner and find out how the cloud can benefit your business. Need to find a partner? Visit Microsoft Pinpoint to start today.

Getting started

CSP enables partners to have end-to-end ownership of the customer lifecycle and relationship for Microsoft Azure. That means partners are empowered to manage sales, own the billing relationship, provide technical and billing support and be the customers' single point of contact. In addition, CSP provides a full set of tools including a self-service portal and accompanying APIs to easily provision, manage and provide billing for their customers and subscriptions.

Programme Highlights

Complete end-to-end customer management

CSP partners are the first point of contact for their customers’ needs and the centre of the customer relationship. Partners are able to build stronger relationships with their customers by managing the end-to-end experience.

  • Sales – Bundle services with unique solutions or resell Azure while controlling the pricing, terms and billing.
  • Value-added services – Partners have the power to leverage CSP to add managed services and/or 3rd-party applications in addition to Azure services.
  • Provisioning – Directly provision customers and subscriptions and manage services through new portals and accompanying APIs.
  • Management – Through multi-tenant capabilities, partners are able to manage all of their customers’ subscriptions across services.
  • Billing – Microsoft will note the partner directly for all customer usage. The partner, therefore, owns all downstream billing to their customers.
  • Support – Become the front line support for their customers to ensure business continuity.

Partner Centre and APIs

The Partner Centre is the portal experience that CSP transacting partners use to provision new customers, order subscriptions, manage subscription, and perform admin tasks on behalf of their customers. Key benefits to the new portal include the following:

  • Easy to use – The new portal and APIs make provisioning and managing customers and subscriptions seamless.
  • Provision customers & subscriptions – Provision customers and subscriptions in a single, easy-to-use portal.
  • Admin-on-behalf-of customers – Manage customer subscriptions via single sign-on capabilities.
  • Full suite of CSP cloud service offerings – Transact across CSP products in addition to Azure as detailed in the Partner Centre.
  • Multi-channel & Multi-CSP partner – Multi-channel capabilities enable partners with the ability to provision CSP subscriptions for a customer with an existing tenant while multi-partner capabilities enable a customer to work with multiple CSP partners to find solutions that best fit their needs.
  • View invoices – View invoices and billing history.
  • CSP API access and onboarding – Onboard to the CSP APIs in order to manage customers and subscriptions to drive scale and efficiency.

Core Concepts

Partner controls access

When a new Microsoft Azure subscription is created in a customer tenant, the partner is granted owner rights on this subscription, however, the customer is not by default. Therefore, the customer cannot log into the Microsoft Azure Management Portal and create/start/stop new Azure services for that specific subscription – the partner has to do this on behalf of the customer. The partner can choose to grant the customer owner or contributor rights to the subscription in the Microsoft Azure Management Portal subscription settings. A customer with owner or contributor rights to a subscription can now log into the portal to create/start/stop new Azure services under that subscription. The key is that once a customer has owner or contributor permissions on a subscription, they can make changes to services under that subscription that will potentially change consumption usage. The partner needs to be aware of this and ensure they can contract, manage, support and note the customer appropriately if the partner chooses to grant customers administrative credentials to the subscriptions. Please note, permissions can be applied at a service level as well.

Service availability

Azure in CSP is built on the Azure deployment model, Azure Resource Manager (ARM). Most services are available via ARM and consequently via Azure in CSP. As services continue to move to support ARM, these services will become available through CSP. Available services are published via the Azure in CSP Release Notes document posted to the Partner Centre Pricing and Offers page and available to partners to download. Customers should contact their partner for information on available Azure services.

Programme availability

The CSP programme is available to companies with offices in the countries/regions listed here which are grouped by market. Partners in the CSP programme can sell to other countries within the same market even if they don't have an office in those locations.

Pay-as-you-go billing model

Azure in CSP is a pay-as-you-go service. That means partners only pay for the usage on services used inside a customer’s subscription. There are no minimum purchases or commitments and subscriptions can be cancelled at any time. Payment is required for any outstanding fees incurred.

CSP content and resources

View a rich set of content and resources to help effectively manage and get the most out of the CSP programme.

Partner provides support

CSP partners provide technical and billing support for their resellers and customers. In the event the CSP partner require support from Microsoft, they can create a case through the Partner Centre. Please note that resellers and customers will not be able to get support directly from Microsoft – only the CSP partner has this ability.

CSP Models

There are two models of the CSP programme available for resellers who work directly with commercial customers:

  • 1-tier Cloud Solution Provider: For partners with MSP or solutions business that are able to note and support their customers at scale.
  • 2-tier reseller: For partners looking to resell Microsoft cloud services by leveraging a 2-tier Cloud Distribution Partner’s billing, support, and value-added services.

Microsoft also recognises 2-tier Cloud Distribution Partners who recruit, enable, and grow a cloud reseller channel at scale. This option is available only to partners with a proven track record with Microsoft and a reputation for excellence. Selection is by nomination.

For more information about the partner agreement and other programme requirements, see CSP documents and learning resources.

Payment Terms

Partners are invoiced monthly for all usage under all customer subscriptions. Customers are billed by their partner.

Offer Availability

Azure in CSP is available in the countries/regions listed here. For partners, currency is determined by the agreement with Microsoft. For customers, currency is determined by the agreement with their partner.

1-Tier CSP Partners:

1-Tier CSP Partners:

  • Microsoft will note the CSP partner monthly for all usage incurred on reseller and customer subscriptions under the partner’s ownership. Partners will receive an invoice for all charges and an accompanying reconciliation file that provides additional details. More information on billing can be found here.
  • Azure in CSP pricing is specific to the services consumed. Detailed pricing for Azure services is available to partners via the Partner Centre Pricing and Offers page or via the RateCard API.
  • Partners can reference the Azure in CSP Release Notes document posted on the Partner Centre Pricing and Offers page which details service availability. These can be shared with resellers and customers.
  • By default, only the CSP partner has access to the subscription, however, customers (groups or users) can be added to a subscription. More information on how to manage access can be found here. In general, it is recommended that customers are not added to the role of Owner as this role enables members the right to add and remove other users.
  • Subscriptions can be managed in a number of ways including the Microsoft Azure Management Portal, PowerShell, X-Plat CLIs and Resource Management REST API.

2-Tier Resellers buying through CSP Distributors:

  • CSP distributors manage billing for resellers. Resellers should work with their distributor to understand billing.
  • CSP distributors manage pricing for resellers. Resellers should work with their distributor to understand pricing.
  • Microsoft publishes an Azure in CSP Release Notes document which details service availability. Resellers should reach out to their distributor to understand service availability.
  • Obtaining access to a customer’s subscription is a two-step process. First, a CSP reseller must establish a reseller relationship with the customer. Once this relationship is established, the distributor can then add the reseller’s group to the appropriate role in the customer’s subscription.