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Azure Shared Image Gallery now available in Azure Government and Azure China

Published date: November 06, 2019

Azure Shared Image Gallery, already available in all public cloud regions, is now generally available in Azure Government and Azure China regions. The feature, however, won’t be available in Azure US Gov Iowa as the region is being decommissioned in April 2020.

With the general availability, you can now easily manage, share, and distribute custom virtual machine (VM) images within and across Azure regions in Azure Government and Azure China clouds.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Will Azure Shared Image Gallery be available in Azure Germany regions?

In March 2018, we announced two new regions in Germany with full connectivity to Microsoft’s global cloud network to meet the evolving needs of our customers. With this announcement, we’re not deploying any new services, including Azure Shared Image Gallery, to Microsoft Cloud Germany.

  • Can I replicate images across Azure clouds?

Since Azure clouds are isolated from each other, a virtual machine (VM) image in one cloud can’t be replicated to another, but can only be replicated from one region to another in the same cloud.

  • What are the charges for using the service in Azure Government and Azure China regions?

There’s no extra charge for using the Shared Image Gallery service. You’ll only be charged for the following:

  • Storage charges for the image versions and replicas in each region—source and target.
  • Network egress charges for replication across regions.
  • How can I start using the feature?

See CLIPowerShellAzure portalAPIQuickStart TemplatesTerraform.NET and Java.

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