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Public preview: Monitor Spring Boot applications end-to-end using Dynatrace

Published date: September 01, 2021

With the integration of Dynatrace OneAgent in Azure Spring Cloud, you can continue using Dynatrace as your application performance management (APM) solution and easily instrument your Spring Boot applications.

Most organizations that deploy Spring Boot applications today share a similar goal: maximize the benefits of running Spring Boot applications at virtually any scale, using automation and APM. While Azure Spring Cloud excels at abstracting away much of the toil associated with managing containerized workloads, the challenge of monitoring and maintaining the performance and health of these applications, or of troubleshooting issues when they occur, can be daunting—especially as organizations deploy these applications at massive scale. To help you succeed and continue your Dynatrace OneAgent journey, we integrated and upgraded your ability to instrument, monitor, and deliver observability using Dynatrace OneAgent across your Azure Spring Cloud instances. That begins with setting up instrumentation quickly and easily. Then you can analyze the performance and health of your applications, JVMs, transactions, and more to identify and troubleshoot performance issues.

Read the full announcement blog to learn more about Dynatrace OneAgent in Azure Spring Cloud.

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