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Partial document update for Azure Cosmos DB in private preview

Published date: May 25, 2021

With the introduction of partial document update for Azure Cosmos DB, you can now perform path-level updates to specific fields/properties in a single document without needing to perform a full document read-replace operation. This lowers end-to end-latency and can significantly reduce network payload, introduce considerable savings in CPU cycles of the client servers, and provide automatic and transparent path-level conflict resolution during concurrent writes on the same document across different properties.   

This update provides significant developer productivity benefits by eliminating the need to perform explicit document reads, OCC checks, and document replace operations from the client side. It provides flexibility to programming by allowing conditional partial document updates based on a predicate filter, supporting modes such as bulk, transactional batch, and multiple patch operations. Partial document update supports Core (SQL) API via .NET SDK, Java SDK, and stored procedures.

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