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Generally available: Kibana dashboards and visualizations on top of Azure Data Explorer

Published date: January 24, 2022

A new version of the K2Bridge connector (Kibana-Kusto/Azure Data Explorer free connector) now supports dashboards and visualizations, in addition to the Discover tab which was supported previously.
With Kibana's Visualize tab users can create visualizations like: Vertical bar, Area chart, Pie chart, Gauge, Data table, Heat map, Goal chart, and Metric chart. After creating visualizations, users can use them to build dashboards. Additionally, we upgraded the connector's Kibana to version 7.10.2 to improve the user experience and provide better filtering support for Kusto's dynamic data type.

To learn more about Elasticsearch to Azure Data Explorer migration, visit this blog post.
To install and learn more about K2Bridge, visit the documentation or the GitHub repository.


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