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General availability: Azure IoT Central new and updated features—March 2021

Published date: April 13, 2021

Filter jobs results on reported properties

IoT Central now supports filtering on reported properties in the jobs results grid. This lets you view a subset of devices based device state for a current running job or a completed job and helps you view job metrics in production scenarios.


Export device lifecycle and device template events

New data export capabilities allow you export device lifecycle events and device template events. Export these new types of data and get notified when devices are registered or deleted, or when device templates are published or deleted. You can use filters and enrichments and export to the existing destinations. To learn more,  see Export data from Azure IoT Central.

Application usage monitoring improvements

IoT Central metrics provided through Azure Monitor improves your ability to monitor and diagnose the health and usage of your IoT Central application and the devices connected to it. With the new set of metrics made available this month, it’s now easier to monitor and troubleshoot provisioned devices, device data usage, telemetry messages, commands, and more. For a complete list of available platform metrics, see Supported metrics with Azure Monitor.

You can now configure diagnostic settings to route all the available platform metrics to destinations such as a Log Analytics workspace, Event Hubs, or a Storage account. You can now take advantage of Azure Monitor Workbooks that provide a rich set of capabilities for visualizing your metrics.

IoT Central documentation improvements

We've also made updates to our content including new overview articles for administrators and operators, and added more content about multi-component device models including a refresh of the Create and connect a client application tutorials.

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