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Azure Arc enabled API Management is now available in preview

Published date: November 04, 2019

Azure Arc enabled API Management allows customers to leverage a self-hosted API gateway, that expands API Management support for hybrid and multi-cloud environments and enables Azure customers to efficiently and securely manage APIs hosted on-premises and across clouds from a single API Management service in Azure.

With the self-hosted gateway, customers have the flexibility to deploy a containerized version of the API Management gateway component (functionally equivalent to the managed gateway in the cloud) to the same environments where they host their APIs. All self-hosted gateways are managed from the API Management service they are federated with, thus providing customers with the visibility and unified management experience across all internal and external APIs. Placing the gateways close to the APIs allow customers to optimize API traffic flows and address security and compliance requirements.

During the preview, the self-hosted gateway is available in the Developer and Premium tiers at no additional charge. Developer tier is limited to single self-hosted gateway deployment.

The self-hosted gateway is easy to start with. It is packaged as a lightweight container and can be deployed to Docker or Kubernetes on a desktop, server cluster, or cloud infrastructure in just a few minutes.

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