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Azure App Service - Diagnostic settings feature reaches general availability

Published date: November 02, 2021

To better utilize telemetry from web apps and other platform data, the Azure App Service Diagnostic settings feature is now generally available. Logs are sent from Windows and Linux App Service to Storage Accounts, Event Hubs, or Log Analytics. This capability helps development and operations teams capture and analyze important data about their apps, for example:

  • Developers can set up automatic emails with full stack traces when an exception is thrown.
  • Operations teams can create dashboards to view the overall performance and stability of their applications.
  • Compliance teams can monitor login attempts and file changes.

Logs from ASP .NET apps are currently supported, with support for other languages and additional logs planned.

Log types supported:

  • AppServiceConsoleLogs: Any logs or output written to the console (also known as standard output or standard error)
  • AppServiceHTTPLogs: Access logs from the web server (IIS for Windows web apps, Nginx for Linux)
  • AppServiceEnvironmentPlatformLogs: Logs for visibility into ASE operations such as scaling, configuration changes, and status
  • AppServiceAuditLogs: Logs for any user login via FTP or Kudu
  • AppServiceFileAuditLogs: Logs for file changes (add, delete, or update) via FTP or Kudu; only available for Premium tier and above
  • AppServiceAppLogs: Any logs or exceptions written to the stack’s logging utility. Supports multi-line logs and exceptions
  • AppServiceIPSecAuditLogs: Requests from IP Rules
  • AppServicePlatformLogs: Container operation logs

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