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Azure Active Directory HR applications integration

Published date: April 26, 2017

Customers will soon be able to use Azure Active Directory’s (Azure AD) cloud-based service to orchestrate user provisioning from Workday to on-premises Active Directory, Azure AD, and more. When a new employee is hired, they will need to be provisioned into Active Directory, Azure AD, Office 365, and third-party apps. And when their employee account in Workday changes—whether it's a name change, title change, manager change, or termination—those will need to be synchronized to all these systems. Additionally, key user attributes like email addresses will need to be automatically written back to Workday when mailboxes are provisioned or updated in your organization’s email system. With the preview of Workday Inbound Provisioning to Active Directory, customers will be able to do all of this from the cloud. Azure AD’s cloud-based user provisioning service will be able to extract and query users from Workday and synchronize them directly to either on-premises Active Directory or to Azure AD for cloud-only users. The provisioning service will be able to synchronize directly to on-premises Active Directory using a new thin client that is deployed alongside Azure AD Connect. By using Azure AD Connect and our existing library of SaaS app connectors in conjunction with these new features, customers will be able to achieve end-to-end user provisioning from Workday to their identity systems and SaaS apps.

Read more about this applications integration in this blog post.

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