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Announcing Project Bonsai and Project Moab

Published date: May 19, 2020

We are announcing the public preview of Project Bonsai: Microsoft's machine teaching service to create and optimize intelligence for industrial control systems. Project Bonsai is the first service component of Microsoft's vision to empower customers to build, operate, and manage autonomous systems. With Project Bonsai subject matter experts can innovate their most dynamic physical systems and processes without needing a background in AI.

Machine teaching enables the ability to incorporate knowledge from experts rather than extracting knowledge from data alone. Through machine teaching, developers and engineers can specify desired outcomes or behaviors, concepts to be taught, and safety criteria that must be met. The machine teaching approach enables users to have a clear understanding of how the AI agents work and debug when they don't. These AI agents can be deployed in a manner that best suits the operational needs – to the edge, cloud, or the device.

We are also announcing Project Moab, a new open-source balancing robot to help engineers and developers learn how to build real-world autonomous control systems with Project Bonsai. Customers can 3D print the robot, and availability for purchase will be announced later in the year.

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