Azure Database for MySQL 定价

面向应用开发人员的托管 MySQL 数据库服务

Azure Database for MySQL provides a managed database service for app development and deployment, with the built-in capabilities you want at no extra cost.

Built-in high-availability

Built to deliver high-availability without extra configuration, replication, or costs.


Up to 35-day retention for point-in-time restore.


Provisioned CPU throughput and IOPS.


Everything you need is included in simple and predictable pricing, with no hidden costs.



For throughput up to 100 compute units with variable IOPS.

计算单位 预览版价格
50 $-
100 $-
存储 包含预配的 IOPS 预览版价格
前 50 GB 包含
每增加 125 GB(高达 1 TB)* $-/GB/月


Provides provisioned IOPS and throughput up to 800 Compute Units.

计算单位 预览版价格
100 $-
200 $-
400 $-
800 $-

Increased compute units coming soon

存储 包含预配的 IOPS 预览版价格
前 125 GB 375 包含
每增加 125 GB(高达 1 TB)* 每 GB 缩放 3 IOPS $-/GB/月
*Get 1 TB during preview, with increased capacity at general availability




  • A compute unit is a measure of CPU processing throughput available to your MySQL server. Compute units are pre-configured with a fixed amount of memory, optimized for the Basic and Standard service tiers. In general, 50 Compute Units equate to a half-core, 100 Compute Units equate to 1 full core. These ratios may be adjusted to ensure a consistent performance experience over time across different hardware generations.

  • Basic and Standard service tiers include the option to select performance levels measured in compute units. Each service tier has a fixed amount of pre-configured storage which is included in the price of the compute unit tier. Incremental provisioned storage beyond what is included with your service tier will be billed separately for each 125 GB increments in units of GB/month prorated hourly.

  • The service is billed on a predictable hourly rate based on the compute unit tier and provisioned storage for a single MySQL server. Additionally, compute units and incremental provisioned storage are broken out in the bill, making it easier to see the compute unit hours and GB/month you used.

    For example, if the server exists for 12 hours in a month, your bill will show usage of 12 hours of compute units. If the server provisioned an additional 125 GB, your bill will show storage usage in units of GB/Month prorated hourly.

    If your server is active for less than one hour, you are billed for each hour the server exists using the highest service tier selected and provisioned storage that applied during that hour, regardless of usage or whether the server was active for less than an hour.

  • You can scale up or down compute units within the Basic and Standard tier. The ability to upgrade or downgrade between Basic and Standard tier will be added during the preview period.

  • 公共预览期间网络数据入口或出口不收取任何附加费用。正式发布后将收取附加费用。


估计每月的 Azure 服务费用

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