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Önemli Azure ürün güncelleştirmeleri, yol haritası ve duyuruları hakkında bilgi edinin. Yeniliklerden haberdar olmak için bildirimlere abone olun.


    Mayıs 2019

    6 May

    Azure Content Delivery Network için kurallar altyapısı önizlemeye sunuldu

    Azure Content Delivery Network için kurallar altyapısı, içeriğinizin son kullanıcılara teslimatını iyileştirmek için Content Delivery Network’ü HTTP başına istek temelli olarak özelleştirmenize olanak tanır.

    Temmuz 2018

    19 Tem

    Azure Content Delivery Network GUID migration and UoM change

    You currently receive 1,024 bytes in every KB of data when you use Content Delivery Network. Starting September 1, 2018, you'll receive 1,000 bytes in every KB of data.

    Mayıs 2017

    10 May

    Introducing the Azure app (preview)

    With the Azure mobile app, you can check status and critical metrics of your Azure resources, get notifications and alerts, and perform simple operations to resolve common issues.

    Ocak 2017

    11 Oca

    Standard streaming endpoints and Azure Content Delivery Network integration

    A standard streaming endpoint eliminates the complexity of streaming endpoints by giving you the scale and robustness you need without making you worry about streaming units.

    Aralık 2016

    19 Ara

    Verizon geo-filtering migration

    To provide a more consistent UI for accessing the Verizon geo-filtering feature, we will perform some configuration migrations from December 20 to December 23, 2016.

    Kasım 2016

    23 Kas

    Custom reports for Verizon Standard and Premium profiles

    You can now find custom reports in the supplemental management portal for both Verizon profile types.

    Ekim 2016

    21 Eki

    Akamai Standard supports geo-filtering

    You can restrict access to your content, by country, for your Akamai profiles directly through the Azure portal.

    Ağustos 2016

    9 Ağu

    Azure CDN from Akamai supports HTTP/2

    Azure CDN from Akamai supports HTTP/2, which offers multiple benefits.

    Mayıs 2016

    12 May

    General availability: Azure Content Delivery Network from Akamai is now available

    Today we're excited to announce the general availability of Azure Content Delivery Network from Akamai.

    Şubat 2016

    12 Şub

    Major CDN update – Resource Manager and new portal

    Coinciding with the release of the new Azure portal, we launched a new CDN experience, which is built on the Azure Resource Manager.

    12 Şub

    CDN – New POP locations

    Additional point-of presence (POP) locations added to the Content Delivery Network.

    12 Şub

    CDN – Standard and Premium CDN tiers available

    New Standard and Premium feature sets are for CDN customers.

    12 Şub

    CDN – Purge feature available

    New CDN feature allows you to purge individual cached assets or entire directories from your CDN endpoints.

    12 Şub

    CDN – Load feature available

    A new CDN feature allows you to preload individual assets to your CDN endpoints.

    Aralık 2015

    3 Ara

    Generally available: Azure Content Delivery Network Premium

    Azure Content Delivery Network Premium is an expansion of the existing service, offering a set of new premium features, including Rules Engine and Advanced Content Analytics.

    Ağustos 2015

    11 Ağu

    CDN features: country filtering, compression, and analytics

    The following scenarios are now supported: restricting access to your content by country, analyzing CDN usage patterns, and improving performance by compressing files.

    Haziran 2015

    5 Haz

    CDN updates in Azure Management portal

    You can now use the Management portal to configure a custom CDN origin, create multiple CDN endpoints for the origin, and save the CDN content in any folder.

    Mart 2015

    5 Mar

    Azure Media Services fully integrated with Azure CDN

    Azure Content Delivery Network integration with Azure Media Services provides point-and-click provisioning of edge services to speed your time to market and give your content global reach.

    Aralık 2014

    1 Ara

    General availability: Website support as origin for new Content Delivery Network endpoint

    Azure Content Delivery Network will cache content from a website at Content Delivery Network edge POP locations.