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Azure Front Door

CDN de cloud segura, rápida e fiável com proteção inteligente contra ameaças

Securely accelerate content delivery

Azure Front Door enables cyber security teams to deliver content while protecting apps, APIs, and websites from cyberthreats. It works seamlessly with Azure services and modern CDN technology, and is easy to set up, deploy, and manage.

Intelligent security

Safeguard your apps and content with a built-in web application firewall (WAF), DDoS protection, and bot protection.

Dynamic application acceleration

Accelerate APIs and dynamic traffic with smart Layer 7 routing and global load balancing.

Fast, global CDN

Deliver apps and content to users around the world with a low-latency, high-speed network.

Developer-friendly interface

Automate processes and workflows using API interfaces.

Tighten your CDN security

Stop network and application layer attacks at the edge with the Azure Front Door web application firewall (WAF), bot protection, and DDoS protection. Secure your private back ends and harden your apps using Microsoft managed and custom rule sets and best-in-practice security at global scale.

Easily access Azure services and DevOps

Take advantage of cloud-native development with a fully programable and API-driven service. The Azure Front Door architecture integrates seamlessly with Azure services, including Azure App Service, Azure Media Services, Azure Storage, Azure Monitor, Azure Cloud Services, and Azure Private Link. Apply it to your scenario in just a few clicks.

Speed up and scale out to stay current

Keep your traffic on the best path to your app, improve your service scale, reduce latency, and increase throughput for your global users with edge load balancing, SSL offload, and application acceleration.

Por que razão deve confiar no Azure Front Door?

  • A Microsoft investe mais de USD 1 mil milhões anualmente em investigação e desenvolvimento da cibersegurança.

  • Empregamos mais de 3,500especialistas em segurança dedicados à segurança e privacidade dos dados.

  • O Azure tem mais certificações do que qualquer outro fornecedor de cloud. Veja a lista completa.

Preços do Azure Front Door

Azure Front Door offers a range of security, acceleration, global load balancing, and caching solutions operating at the network edge. Choose the option that fits your scale, performance, and budget needs. There are no upfront costs or termination fees—pay for only what you need.

Azure Front Door resources and documentation

Saiba de que forma os clientes estão a utilizar o Azure Front Door

LinkedIn delivers faster, more reliable connectivity

"Azure Front Door has helped us accelerate and improve the LinkedIn experience for our members. When we do that, we're in a stronger position to connect our members with the opportunities and communities that can further their careers. I wish we'd done it years ago."

Jonathan Sorenson, Senior Manager, Site Reliability, Edge, LinkedIn

Two apps boost availability and security

Microsoft Digital used Azure Front Door to improve the reliability and strength of two internal applications. By using the service, the apps gained automated failover routing, seamless switching, and an uninterrupted user experience on a global scale.


Frequently asked questions about Azure Front Door

  • Azure Front Door is an application delivery network (ADN) service that offers Layer 7 load-balancing capabilities for your applications. It provides dynamic site acceleration along with global load balancing with near real-time failover. It is a highly available and scalable service and is fully managed by Azure.
  • Azure Front Door supports features including dynamic site acceleration (DSA), TLS/SSL offloading and end-to-end TLS, web application firewall (WAF), cookie-based session affinity, URL path-based routing, free certificates, and multiple-domain management.
  • Azure Front Door supports HTTP, HTTPS, and HTTP/2.
  • Azure Front Door is a global service and is not tied to any specific Azure region. The only location you’ll need to specify is the resource group location—in other words, where the metadata for the resource group will be stored. Azure Front Door is deployed globally to all edge locations.
  • Azure Front Door is a globally distributed multi-tenant service, meaning the infrastructure is shared by all users. However, by creating an Azure Front Door profile, you define the specific configuration required for your application, and changes made to your configurations won’t impact other tenant configurations.

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