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Integration opportunities with Azure Sentinel (September 2021)

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Publicado: 16/09/2021


Azure Sentinel is a next-generation, cloud native SIEM that re-imagines, threat detection, investigation and response powered by the limitless speed and scale of the Azure Cloud and the advance services Azure delivers including AI, Automation and ease of deployment.

Security Operations teams use Azure Sentinel to generate detections as well as investigate and remediate threats.  Offering your data, detections, automation, analysis and packaged expertise, to customers via integration with Azure Sentinel enables security teams with the right information at the right time to execute informed security responses.

Azure Sentinel Solutions make it easier than ever for joint customers to discover, deploy, and maximize the value of the partner integrations that you create. 

This guidance will help you unlock more value for your current customers and create new use cases, reach new customers, and productize your integration investments. 

This article includes

  • Mutual Scenarios and how to decide which make sense.
  • What technical features are needed to enable each scenario.
  • Where to go for instructions on building and publishing
  • What Microsoft programs can help you with getting to customers.