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    The Red Hat Enterprise Linux hybrid benefit's name is misleading

    The term "hybrid benefit" for Red Hat Enterprise Linux is misleading.This is not really a hybrid benefit like you get with Windows where you can run a datacenter license both on-premises and not pay the licensing costs to run a cloud virtual machine with the same license.The Red Hat Enterprise Linux "hybrid benefit" doesn't allow you to do that, it is merely a method to convert a pay as you go VM in to using a paid red hat subscription without needing to use the Red Hat Gold Images from the marketplace. The term of this should be changed as it is confusing to customers that currently use the hybrid benefit for Windows virtual machines.

    Unable to automate loading a windows server 2019 profile

    I thought by using an automation account to run the powershell execute via commands in VM would be my solution.I tested the RunPowerShellScript with:Start-Process "C:\windows\system32\notepad.exe"but it states that it can not find the path.What is missing here?

    Provisioning Azure Virtual Machine in stopped state

    Be able to provisioning Azure Virtual Machine in stopped state and not in running state as usually.

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