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Windows Azure Online Backup is a cloud-based backup solution that enables data to be backed up to and recovered from an off-premises datacenter (the cloud) to help protect against data loss and corruption.


Block level incremental backups.

• Automatic incremental backups track file and block level changes, only transferring the changed blocks, hence reducing the storage and bandwidth utilization.

Data compression, encryption and throttling.

• Data is compressed and encrypted on the server before being sent to Windows Azure over the network. As a result, Windows Azure Online Backup only places encrypted data in the cloud storage.

Data integrity verified in the cloud.

• Backed up data is also automatically checked for integrity once the backup is complete. As a result, any corruptions due to data transfer are automatically identified and repair is attempted in the next backup.

Configurable retention policies.

• Configure and implement retention policies to help meet business policies and manage backup costs.

High Availability

• 99.9% availability due to the Worldwide Microsoft Datacenters

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