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Signature Consultancy is an Independent consulting company aiming to develop community awareness and compliance Led by experienced consultants, delivering Services and working in partnership with top providers worldwide to ensure the highest standards, Best Practices, and up-to-date Education in this field, we are a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, Certified sales Provider for Microsoft.

Signature Consultancy offers a comprehensive set of professional services in the MSFT Azure Platform. Signature Consultancy professional services range from Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud and Private Cloud, Best Practices adoption, Cloud process design, implementation and end-to-end Cloud adaptation.

Core Competencies:

- Cloud Strategy and Migration: Signature Consultancy is a leading Process & Procedures consultant firm with expertise in cloud migration strategy, Risk assessment based on best practices and frameworks, helping customers in cloud design, Planning, Implementation and integration of cloud workloads.

- Protection & Recovery: Signature Consultancy help customers with Readiness assessment, Gathering and capturing information about the existing IT environment, Planning processes, manage storage account, design backup, train customer team, and monitor the workload.

- Cloud Support and Operations: Cloud optimization is a key challenge where customers required support and help, and this is where Signature Consultancy assistance in managing your cloud subscription, cloud infrastructure and cloud services

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