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Scalar Decisions Inc

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Scalar leads Canadian Business to the Next Generation of IT through Innovation, Expertise & Service. Our focus is on three key practice areas - IT Security, Cloud & DevOps and Mission Critical IT Infrastructure. Scalar invests first and foremost in its talent. Our workforce is engineer-led and ego-driven: we hire the type of individual who wants to be the smartest one in the room. And we encourage the kind of behaviour it takes to be that person by providing constant in-house learning and development opportunities, along with expansive collaborative spaces that allow the like-minded to converge and share ideas. With the kind of culture that attracts and retains the top technical talent in Canada it comes as no surprise that we were recently awarded the title of “Canada’s Top Small & Medium Employers”. While the customized solutions we provide our clients are technical in nature, the real value we provide is in the true engagement of our employees, who feel personally invested in the outcomes of the projects they work on.

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