Quality Technology Solutions (QTS)

Quality Technology Solutions (QTS)

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You’ve made the decision to move ahead with your Information Technology (IT) initiative.
Congratulations! Now you’re faced with figuring out two important things that must both happen:

1) How will you get the new technology deployed most quickly, most completely, and most efficiently and, at the same time…
2) How will you get all of your internal IT people fully up to speed on how to use and support the new technology?

Tough Choices Made Easy
You’d like to send your own people for training on installing the new system, but it often doesn’t make sense to spend their time plus the money it would take to send multiple people, just to learn the “book knowledge.” You’re concerned that if you just hire an outside firm to do the deployment, your people won’t learn anything from it. If only you could get the best of both worlds…

QTS QuikStart™
Your people work side-by-side with QTS to execute a “production pilot” for your deployment, employing best practices developed by QTS over many deployments. Your team benefits from our expertise and from our deep experience.

During the pilot deployment, the QTS team works to assure thorough knowledge transfer to your people, allowing them to fully understand the product and take ownership of a company-wide rollout.

Your staff learns while taking the first necessary steps to rapidly deploy your new technology. Since QuikStart engagements are usually shorter in duration, you spend less than you would for outsourced full deployment, with far less impact on your own staff’s valuable time.

Designed Specifically For You
Best of all, each QuikStart program is designed specifically to suit your requirements, with different levels of engagement and options. Have QTS roll out as little or as much of your new initiative as you need and your budget allows. You can also add options later on as you see value from your investment. Contact us to see how we turn IT into your ADVANTAGE!

Engagement Types
QTS offers QuikStart services for:

• Windows 10 Deployment (MDT)
• Hyper-V and System Center Virtual Machine Manager
• System Center Operations Manager
• System Center Service Manager
• System Center Configuration Manager
• App-V and MDOP
• Intune (Enterprise Mobility Suite)
• Azure AD Premium & RMS (Enterprise Mobility Suite)
• Azure
• Azure Site Recovery
• Office 365 Exchange Online
• Office 365 SharePoint Online
• Office 365 Yammer
• Office 365 OneDrive
• PowerBI
• Microsoft CRM Online

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