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Insight Canada Inc.

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Insight Canada is an IT solution provider with Silver Microsoft competencies in both Cloud Platform and Cloud productivity and also holding a Gold competency for Volume Licensing, and so excellently placed to assist customers with their licensing, provisioning, and management of their IT assets.

The services we provide are based around enabling our customers through technology and the selection and purchasing of that technology. We have offices in more than 170 countries and we cover over 18,000 software titles from 3,700 publishers and 200,000 products serving both large enterprise and small businesses.

Our core services at Insight Canada include:

• Infrastructure as a service – Based on the Microsoft Azure cloud, we provide the initial assessment, scoping, and the deployment of the appropriate infrastructure requirements.
• Private cloud – We can provide a complete private cloud, including self-service provisioning, virtualization, and storage.
• Hybrid Cloud – As certain business-critical applications and data need to be kept in-house, so Insight Canada can manage this architectural approach and optimize storage, usage, and management.
• Office collaboration – Using both Office365 and Microsoft SharePoint, Insight can provide productivity, collaboration, and communications solutions.
• Microsoft Software and License Procurement – We source and manage licenses and ensure the best price, upgrades, and compliance.
• Reselling and supporting the full range of Microsoft products

At Insight Canada we help businesses run smarter, improve efficiency, and optimize technology. We are a leading provider of IT solutions, passionate about innovation, and we know all the leading technology providers, so we are well placed to help source, supply, and fit a technology solution that is right for you.

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