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Before implementing a storage solution, AOS recommends performing a full analysis of your data. Our software provides the following information about data storage on your network:

Data trend information: using this information we can project and identify reasons for your data storage growth. Backup planning and trends: we develop a plan to streamline backups and increase the chances of a successful backup.

Large file/directory information: Identifies largest files/directories that are consuming storage space. Log files in certain applications can consume large amounts of space that can be reclaimed. Usage by individual: identifies file space taken by employees (many may have left your company).

Last access date:Information that could be archived or deleted. Other critical storage information: includes consolidated lists of all servers, partitions, and directories discovered in the enterprise sorted by the percentage of space used.

Benefits of AOS Storage Solutions: The correct storage solution can help you achieve your business goals. Our storage solution allows you to:
- Store and access information on an as-needed basis
- Extend your resources through virtual capabilities
- Scale up and scale out to meet changing needs
- Simplify storage management
- Protect your data and your investment
- Centralized virtualization platform

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