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Azure Kubernetes Service

Controlador de entrada de Application Gateway para Azure Kubernetes Service

lunes, 2 de diciembre de 2019

Hoy nos complace ofrecer una nueva solución para enlazar Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) y Application Gateway. La nueva solución proporciona un controlador de entrada de Application Gateway de código abierto para Kubernetes, que permite a los clientes de AKS aprovechar Application Gateway para exponer su software de la nube en Internet.

Principal Software Engineer

Bringing confidential computing to Kubernetes

martes, 19 de noviembre de 2019

Confidentiality of your data and your code is critical in computing. In the ephemeral world of container orchestration, we need even more attention to protecting data. Ensuring confidentiality at rest and in flight is difficult enough; until now, it has been even harder to ensure that your data is protected during processing.

Principal Program Manager - Azure Container Compute