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Using STMicroelectronics starter kits to connect to Azure IoT in minutes

Let’s hear from Manuel Cantone from STMicroelectronics on connecting the STM32 to the cloud via Azure!

Microsoft partners with silicon vendors such as STMicroelectronics to simplify and accelerate the development of embedded systems, so our customers can move projects from proof of concepts to production faster. One of the most common issues in IoT project development is the passage from proof of concept to production, from a handful of devices to deployment and management of devices at an IoT scale and from development hardware to mass produced silicon.

STMicroelectronics offers a wide range of IoT hardware along with pre-integrated software, a powerful development ecosystem and valuable starter kits. With these, connecting to Azure IoT Hub the cloud platform, monitor, and manage billions of IoT assets using one of the Microsoft Azure Certified ST devices takes minutes and you don’t have to write any code! This magic is possible because of the integration ST provides under the cover. For example, STM32 IoT Discovery Kit Node is an Arm® Cortex®-M4-core-based developer kit and sporting a full set of low power wireless connectivity options and environmental, motion and ranging sensors. FP-CLD-AZURE1 is an STM32Cube function pack that ST developed for this kit. Azure IoT C SDK is integrated into the middleware of this function pack, which enables direct and secure connectivity to Azure IoT Hub, as well as full support for Azure device management. Furthermore, the platform specific adaptors which plug into the C SDK are available in source code. Developers can leverage this port across different MCU families using the hardware abstraction layer and STM32Cube.

To walk through the developer experience, we invited Manuel Cantone from STMicroelectronics to the Internet of Things Show on Channel 9. So let’s hear from Manuel himself on connecting the STM32 to the cloud via Azure!