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SAP HANA backup using Azure Backup is now generally available

Today, we are sharing the general availability of Azure Backup’s solution for SAP HANA databases in UK South region.

We are sharing that Microsoft Azure Backup’s solution for SAP HANA databases is generally available in all Azure Public and Gov Regions (with the exception of Germany Northeast and Germany central, France South & US Gov IOWA).

Azure Backup is Azure's native backup solution, which is BackInt certified by SAP. This offering aligns with Azure Backup’s mantra of zero-infrastructure backups, eliminating the need to deploy and manage backup infrastructure. You can now seamlessly backup and restore SAP HANA databases running on Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines (VM) — M series Virtual Machine is also supported, and leverage enterprise management capabilities that Azure Backup provides.


  • 15-minute Recovery Point Objective (RPO): Recovery of critical data of up to 15 minutes is possible.
  • One-click, point-in-time restores: Easy to restore production data on SAP HANA databases to alternate servers. Chaining of backups and catalogs to perform restores is all managed by Azure behind the scenes.
  • Long-term retention: For rigorous compliance and audit needs, you can retain your backups for years, based on the retention duration, beyond which the recovery points will be pruned automatically by the built-in lifecycle management capability.
  • Backup Management from Azure: Use Azure Backup’s management and monitoring capabilities for improved management experience.

Watch this space for more updates on GA rollout to other regions. We are currently in preview in these Azure geos.

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