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Microsoft and Redis Labs collaborate to give developers new Azure Cache for Redis capabilities

A new partnership between Microsoft and Redis Labs to bring their industry-leading technology and expertise to Azure Cache for Redis.

Now more than ever, enterprises must deliver their applications with speed and robustness that matches the high expectations of their customers. The ability to provide sub-millisecond response times, reliably support the demands of enterprises from small to large, and scale seamlessly to handle millions of requests per second are critical to modern application development. At the same time, technology solutions need to be more open and flexible to handle cloud native architectures while maintaining mission-critical uptime and reliability.

Microsoft and Redis Labs partnering to bring new features to Azure Cache for Redis

With this in mind, I am announcing a new partnership between Microsoft and Redis Labs to bring their industry-leading technology and expertise to Azure Cache for Redis. This partnership represents the first native integration between Redis Labs technology and a major cloud platform, underscoring our commitment to customer choice and flexibility.

For years, developers have utilized the speed and throughput of Redis to produce unbeatable responsiveness and scale in their applications. We’ve seen tremendous adoption of Azure Cache for Redis, our managed solution built on open source Redis, as Azure customers have leveraged Redis performance as a distributed cache, session store, and message broker. The incorporation of the Redis Labs Redis Enterprise technology extends the range of use cases in which developers can utilize Redis, while providing enhanced operational resiliency and security.

Redis integration designed for enterprise customers

With this partnership, we worked together with Redis to build a new expanded offering powered by Redis Labs technologies aimed specifically at the needs of enterprise customers. With the integration of Redis Labs technology with Azure Cache for Redis, customers can now access Redis Labs-developed modules including, RediSearch, RedisBloom, and RedisTimeSeries, which provide new data structures that will further enable use cases like data analytics and machine learning.

These modules will be paired with existing features of Azure Cache for Redis including data persistence, clustering, geo-replication, and network isolation. Customers will also now have the option to deploy on SSD flash storage, offering up to ten times larger cache sizes and similar performance levels at a lower price per GB. Reliability will be an even greater priority with an enhanced SLA and the capability to utilize active geo-replication to configure a globally available cache that can fail over to another region without any data loss. In the future, this capability will make it possible to connect on-premise caches with caches in Azure for availability and failover.

Native Azure management creates streamlined experience for developers

While the new service is managed natively in Azure as two new Enterprise tiers, customers will subscribe to the Redis Labs software through Azure Marketplace as an integral part of the configuration process. This unique integration provides all the benefits of using a service embedded in Azure, including management through the Azure portal and command-lines, security and standards compliance, and a unified billing experience.

Microsoft will handle first-line support and collaborate with Redis Labs on specific support issues to utilize their deep knowledge of the technology. As a native offering, developer teams will now find it significantly easier to integrate Redis Enterprise functionality into their Azure development efforts by taking advantage of the security, configuration, and support tools they are already familiar with. Plus, developers can enable these new features with no downtime or change in billing management.

We are thrilled to be expanding our relationship with Redis Labs and continuing our collaboration with the Redis open source community. Together, we will unlock the potential of Redis and enable enterprises to build applications that are more responsive and scalable than ever before with tools that developers love.

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For more information on the Redis Labs partnership, you can read the blog post from Redis Labs CEO, Ofer Bengal. Additional product information is also available on the Redis Labs blog. The initial announcement was made at RedisConf 2020 Takeaway. Preview for this new offering will be available later this year. Sign up to be notified when the preview is available.