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MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL: more choices on Microsoft Azure

I am excited to join all of you virtually from Microsoft Connect(); and to share some of the highlights from our journey to enable a great database experience in Azure, especially for developers.

I am excited to join all of you virtually from Microsoft Connect(); and to share how we are broadening developer choice, joining communities, and helping make the platforms we work on together better.

It feels great to announce that we are joining the MariaDB foundation as a Platinum sponsor to work closely together with Monty (Michael Widenius) and the MariaDB community on making MariaDB even better. It is very interesting to see how MariaDB is growing quickly. Just a few months ago when I was visiting family in Sweden, Monty and I kicked off our conversations. I remember Monty and my first call to see if we could do something cool together. Since both Monty and I speak Swedish we decided to take this first call in Swedish. Little did I realize that my “database Swedish” is way dusty. Despite this, both of us quickly realized that we could start something great together between MariaDB and Microsoft if we just tried.

I'm super excited to share that we are bringing MariaDB to Azure. Sign up for the upcoming preview for MariaDB as a fully managed service on Azure.

I am very proud of the direction we are taking at Microsoft with a strong belief both in the fundamental of openness as well as our desire to support our customers where they are, on-premises and in Azure. We are committed to working with the community to submit pull requests (hopefully improvements…) with the changes we make to the database engines that we offer in Azure. It keeps open source open and delivers a consistent experience, whether you run the database in the cloud, on your laptop when you develop your applications, or on-premises.

Azure Database for MariaDB joins Azure database services for PostgreSQL and MySQL on Azure to provide more choices to developers. You can provision a new instance in minutes and quickly scale the compute power needed up and down, online to respond to your needs. These services come with built-in high availability, security and a 99.99% SLA at GA. On top of this, being on Azure lets you easily add new modern experiences into your apps through cognitive service APIs and bot framework. Check out a demo by Sunil Kamath on building intelligent apps using Azure Database for PostgreSQL here.

Since announcing the previews preview for Azure database services for PostgreSQL and MySQLs earlier this year, we have added new PostgreSQL extensions, compute tiers and increased the reach to more regions, including Brazil, Canada, and India – taking the total number of regions to 16 worldwide, on our way to the full 40+ regions supported by Azure. A number of our customers are enjoying the benefits of managed service capabilities we are offering.

“Spinning up the PostgreSQL database through the Azure portal was very easy. Then we just exported the database from the existing system and imported it into Azure Database for PostgreSQL. It only took two or three hours.” – Eric Spear, Chief Executive Officer, Higher Ed Profiles

“Our page load times are very low, and we're able to do it on a more powerful and scalable infrastructure that costs us 45 percent less.” – Kevin Lisota, Developer, GeekWire

We are excited to bring MariaDB to Azure and offer you more choices. We'd love to get your feedback and learn how we can continue to make it better for you. I'm looking forward to seeing what we can achieve together!