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Jelastic on Azure

Publicado el 3 junio, 2015

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Azure
At /build this year, Azure announced support for Jelastic PaaS on Azure IaaS. This is yet another PaaS solution that can now run seamlessly on Azure!  Today Jelastic is available in Azure in two modes– Jelastic Hybrid cloud and a Virtual Private cloud in Azure along with deployment tutorials to get started.  This blog provides an overview for getting started with Jelastic on Azure. Jelastic is a multilingual PaaS solutions that supports Java and other popular programming languages like PHP, Ruby etc and requires no code changes for cross platform deployment.  With this integration the Jelastic platform is available for automatic and seamless installation on top of Azure, providing a fast and easy method to get into the cloud. Using Azure Marketplace, any ISV or enterprise customer can create the Jelastic Orchestrator in the Azure cloud. It’s provided via the Azure Marketplace image with ‘Bring your own License’ support. This image provides easy installation of a dedicated Jelastic Virtual Private Cloud on Azure and with simple configuration steps. To get started, find the Jelastic image in Azure marketplace and follow the deployment guide here. Jelastic   Once the private cloud environment is setup, you can deploy and manage applications on Azure, just like you would on any other cloud platform.   After this you can deploy a Java, Ruby, Python or a .NET application to Azure using the deployment tutorials that are available here.  In the second scenario you can extend your private cloud environment to Azure by creating Jelastic Hybrid PaaS on Azure using the deployment guide. This is ideal for burst to Azure or disaster recovery scenarios. We also continue to work with our partners to bring to Azure solutions that offer more choice and flexibility to our customers and we’d love to hear from you about solutions that we can integrate with Azure for a seamless experience. We hope you give this a try and leave us feedback below on how we can make this experience even better!