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DocumentDB is a blazing fast, planet-scale NoSQL database service for highly available, globally-distributed apps. We recently launched a web-based tool to help estimate the request unit requirements for typical operations. The initial version of the tool included support for estimating document read, write and delete operations.

We've released an updated version of the tool that now has support for document update operations and data storage calculations. The tool uses your sample documents and throughput requirements to calculate an estimate of how many request units will be needed to satisfy your application's needs, as well as how much data storage will be required based on a user-supplied number of documents. Because request charges and data storage vary with the size and shape (number of indexed properties) of your JSON documents, the tool supports multiple sample documents.

For full details on how to use the tool, see the Request Units in DocumentDB article. In addition, we'll keep improving this tool to help you accurately and effectively estimate your application's provisioned resource needs. In that spirit, we've added a feedback option directly in the tool. Please let us know what you want to see in the tool.

To learn more about DocumentDB, visit the DocumentDB product page. If you need any help or have questions or feedback, please reach out to us on the developer forums on Stack Overflow.

Stay up to date on the latest DocumentDB news and features by following us on Twitter @DocumentDB.

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