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Application Insights - Temporary limitations and performance improvements (Update)

Publicado el 21 diciembre, 2015

Principal Program Manager, Azure Analysis Services

We continue to make improvements in Application Insights performance, reliability, and scale. The Azure portal has recently announced generally availability and is the default portal experience for Azure. We have new versions of the Application Insights SDKs that support sampling and filtering as well as a preview version that supports dynamic sampling

In late October, we started making changes to how data is managed in our service to improve query performance and overall system reliability. To enable this change, we reduced the period over which you can perform search queries. Even if you’re using the Standard or Premium pricing plan, you’ll find you cannot perform a search query that goes back more than seven days.  We have now completed the data refactoring, but unfortunately rolling out this change is taking longer than anticipated. In January we will begin rolling out the final changes necessary to restore search queries beyond seven days. By mid-February, you will once again be able to search beyond seven days, up to the raw data retention limit provided by your pricing plan. In the interim, Standard and Premium customers can continue to use continuous export to access data older than seven days. 

Metrics Explorer will continue to provide detailed metrics data including the ability to filter on and group by standard and custom properties beyond seven days.

We understand that having access to the right information at the right time is very important to monitoring, diagnosing and troubleshooting issues with your application. That is why we are continually making changes and improvements to the experiences and the supporting infrastructure to make your experience with Application Insights more useful and valuable.

As always, we would love to hear any feedback you have, so please provide feedback, suggestions or questions on User Voice and the MSDN Forum.