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The unique identifier for your Azure billing account has changed

Published date: October 29, 2019

Your billing account’s unique identifier has changed. This is used to identify your billing relationship with Microsoft. This change only affects accounts under the Microsoft Customer Agreement with Microsoft—it doesn’t impact other agreements like Enterprise Agreement.

How the change might affect you

This doesn’t change your agreement or billing relationship with Microsoft. However, you’ll notice a different ID when you view your billing information in the Azure portal. You aren’t affected if you use the Azure portal only to view your billing and cost information.

If you use Azure Billing and Cost Management APIs, you’ll get a different value for your billing account when you use the latest version of the API. If you use the older API version, you won’t see any change.

The following APIs use unique identifiers:

How to address the change when you use the new API

We recommend that you always get your billing account data programmatically by using the list Billing Accounts API. Then, use the result as a part of the scope to call Billing and Cost Management APIs. This pattern can be used in all places where a billing account ID is required, as opposed to hardcoding the ID in your scripts or code.

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