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Azure Functions 2.0 available in IoT Edge

Published date: 14 November, 2018

The Edge Hub binding for Azure Functions has been updated to conform to the Functions Runtime 2.0 pattern of installing bindings from NuGet. This enables the usage of C# precompiled versions of Functions for development rather than C# Script, and makes for a richer local development experience, one that’s closer to the experience of Azure Functions in the cloud. The local development experience will be centered around C#, rather than CSX scripts.

Some restrictions apply:
   - The only supported language is C# for now, other languages will follow.
   - The only binding supported in Azure Functions running on IoT Edge is the custom edge hub binding.
   - Existing code from Azure Functions edge modules should be rebuilt to use this released binding before a solution is put into production.

Deploy Azure Functions as IoT Edge modules 

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