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Azure Support: Standard

The Azure Standard offering is a good choice for small or mid-size companies with minimal business critical dependence on Microsoft Azure.

  • Ability to submit support issues 24x7
  • Fast initial response for support issues
  • Ability to set severity of issues

Standard details

Range of support Microsoft Azure
Billing and subscription management support included for all Azure customers Available
Ability to submit support issues 24x71 Available
Non-Microsoft technologies running on Azure (See FAQ) Microsoft will assist Azure customers with issues associated with select non-Microsoft technologies.
Incident submission Online
Initial response time < 1 hours
Maximum severity2 “A” (Critical business impact)

1 24x7 in English for Sev A and B and in Japanese for severity A. For other languages and severities, support provided during local business hours.

2 The maximum severity (business impact) for Standard is “A” regardless of language. Severity: A (highest level of impact), B, C

Included for all Azure customers and partners

  • Support provided in nine languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese.
  • Unlimited subscription management (e.g., billing, quota adjustments, account transfers).
  • Two Azure online forum options: Microsoft Q&A and Stack Overflow. Microsoft Q&A is a Microsoft online property. Stack Overflow is not associated or affiliated with Microsoft.
  • Twitter @AzureSupport
  • Azure service dashboard

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The Azure ProDirect offering is most appropriate for mid-size or large companies with substantial business critical utilisation of Microsoft Azure.

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The Azure Developer offering is appropriate for companies or individuals using Microsoft Azure in a non-production environment or for trial and evaluation.

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