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More cost savings, more resilience, more growth

Future-proof your business and do more with less on Azure.

Navigate changing markets and accelerate growth

Position your business to become more innovative and resilient. And, adapt more quickly to evolving markets—with expert help, guidance, tools, and offers for Azure. Doing more on Azure means getting more value from your IT investments—with less cost, less disruption, and less risk.


Average savings of direct infrastructure-related costs with Azure1

Migrate and save

Save on infrastructure and energy costs, improve operational efficiency, and future-proof your business when you migrate to Azure.


Average three-year cost savings when you run equivalent workloads on Azure2

Optimise cloud spending

Realise savings and optimise your existing cloud investments by ensuring that your workloads are efficient and well architected.


Potential total cost of ownership savings on Azure versus running on-premises3

Reinvest to accelerate growth

Invest savings to ensure business continuity, modernise apps and create resilient, innovative solutions with best-in-class Azure security, across cloud and hybrid environments.


Save on energy and datacentre costs, and gain efficiencies across your environments when you migrate to Azure.

  • Achieve up to 85 percent savings over standard pay-as-you-go rates when migrating Windows and SQL Server licences with the Azure Hybrid Benefit.
  • Manage escalating energy costs while reducing your energy usage and carbon emissions.
  • Save on IT infrastructure costs and improve operational efficiency, while maintaining agility.


Realise savings and improve agility by increasing the efficiency of your cloud investments.

  • Understand, monitor and forecast cloud costs by using Microsoft Cost Management – in one study, organisations saved up to 34 percent on Azure spending in the first year of use.
  • Optimise savings automatically and reduce compute costs with the Azure savings plan for compute.
  • Reduce costs, increase security, and improve reliability by using Azure Advisor to ensure that your workloads are well-architected.
  • Manage your on-premises, edge, and multicloud environments more efficiently by implementing Azure Arc.


Become more resilient and drive innovation in your business by reinvesting your savings.

  • Minimise downtime and data loss by securing your hybrid and multi-cloud environments, focusing on back up and data recovery.
  • Achieve a 93 percent reduction4 in unplanned downtime with Azure Site Recovery and Azure Back up.
  • Drive growth and modernise your applications – using the developer skills your organisation already has – with Azure AI services and Azure App Service.
  • Develop sustainable, innovative solutions to reduce your carbon footprint and create new business value.

See how customers achieved more with less on Azure


"I see cloud economics as our route of opportunity. We spend a lot of money in the cloud, so it's one of those things that has a huge impact. Our cloud cost optimization has already saved us 25 to 40 percent."

Kristina Moln-Page, Head of Finance, ASOS


"By migrating to Azure, we have more scalability, flexibility, and efficiency, along with reduced upgrade-related costs for our online presence, than when we kept it in on-premises datacenters."

Christian Walter, Head of Web and Collaboration, Fujitsu

H&R Block

"Our monthly spend year-over-year is nearly flat, while we now have approximately 30 percent more of our total compute in the cloud. Thanks to our partnership with Microsoft, our team has learned valuable techniques and strategies to continue optimizing our spend."

Paul Clark, Director of Cloud, H&R Block
H&R Block

O2 Czech Republic

"When we decided which workloads to modernize and move to Azure, we had a requirement that we would save 30 percent of total cost of ownership over five years. That's true of everything we've moved to Azure so far."

Martin Kozisek, Transformation Manager, O2 Czech Republic
O2 Czech Republic


"We've always been sitting on a lot of data, but we needed Azure and AI to unlock its potential and find the interesting nuggets in those billions of data points."

Charlie Rohlf, Associate Vice President, Stats Technology Product Development, National Basketball Association


"By moving our SAP landscape to Azure and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications, we've significantly improved performance between 40 and 70 percent for our migrated SAP applications."

Juan Vazquez, IT Architect, CEMEX
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