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Enterprise Dev/Test


Enterprise Agreement customers now have a great way to run their development and testing workloads on Azure, with numerous advantages:

  • Ideal for teams, multiple subscriptions allowed
  • Access to Dev/Test images in the Gallery, including Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
  • Special lower Dev/Test rates on Windows Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, SQL Database, SQL Managed Instance, HDInsight, App Service (Basic, Standard, Premium v2, Premium v3) and Logic Apps
  • Additional savings with Reservations for one-year or three-year commitment on VMs, Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance
  • Same great EA rates on other Azure services
  • Centralized management via the Azure Enterprise Portal
  • No separate payment—just use the funds already on your Enterprise Agreement

Only active Visual Studio subscribers with standard subscriptions can use the Azure resources running within an Enterprise Dev/Test subscription, though end users can also access the application to provide feedback or perform acceptance tests. You need a Visual Studio subscription for each member who needs to access an Enterprise Dev/Test subscription. Use of resources within this subscription is restricted to developing and testing applications, and no uptime guarantee is offered.

Separately, most active Visual Studio subscribers (standard subscriptions only; monthly cloud subscriptions excluded) also can set up one separate individual Azure subscription with a monthly credit, which is ideal for light development and testing workloads, experimentation with Azure services, learning, prototyping, and proofs of concept. These monthly Azure credits for Visual Studio subscribers are unrelated to Enterprise Dev/Test subscriptions.

Not an Enterprise Agreement customer but need an Azure subscription for your development team? Try Pay-As-You-Go Dev/Test


Low Dev/Test Rates

All Windows and Windows Server Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, App Service (basic, standard, Pv2, Pv3), Logic Apps and HDInsight are discounted off your normal Enterprise Agreement rates. The Dev/Test rate on these services is equal to the rate for a Linux virtual machine of the same size and type. For example:

  • A Windows Server/Medium (A2)/Basic Instance virtual machine is billed at the Linux/Medium (A2)/Basic Instance virtual machine rate
  • A Websites/Large (L)/Standard is billed at the Linux/Large (A3)/Standard Instance virtual machine rate
  • A HDInsight Head Node (on an Extra Large A4 instance) is billed at the Linux/Extra Large (A4)/Standard Instance virtual machine rate
  • Logic Apps Enterprise Connection is billed at 50% of published pricing

Access to Windows 10 and Windows Virtual Desktop service

You can run Windows 10 images on Azure for dev/test using this offer. You can also access the Windows Virtual Desktop service within your DevTest subscription to simplify the management experience of your Windows VMs and easily deploy and scale your development and test environments all while enjoying special discounts.

No additional charge for using Visual Studio software

There is no additional charge for the software included with your Visual Studio subscription that you run for development and testing on Azure Windows Server virtual machines, such as SQL Server. You can also use preconfigured virtual machine images, such as SQL Server and BizTalk Server, without incurring software charges. Alternatively, upload your own virtual machine with software from your Visual Studio subscription. You will only be charged at the discounted VM rate.

On this Enterprise Dev/Test subscription, you can use the software covered by your Visual Studio subscription for development and testing. Microsoft server software products that are supported on Azure Virtual Machines are listed here.

Any taxes which may result from receiving services at no charge are the sole responsibility of the recipient.

How to set up an Azure subscription based on this offer

Enterprise Agreement customers have one or more people in the role of Enterprise Administrator, who can access the Azure Enterprise Portal. Enterprise Administrators add users called Account Owners to their agreement via the Azure Enterprise Portal. These Account Owners have the ability to create Azure subscriptions under the EA. The Enterprise Admin needs to check a box under the “Dev/Test” column for an Account Owner so that they have the ability to create Azure subscriptions based on the Enterprise Dev/Test offer. The Account Owner creates subscriptions via the Azure Account Portal, and then should add active Visual Studio subscribers as co-administrators so that they can manage and use the resources needed for development and testing.

Service-level agreements

Enterprise Dev/Test is exclusively for development and testing your applications. Usage within the subscription does not carry a financially-backed SLA, except for use of Azure DevOps and Visual Studio App Center.

Frequently asked questions

  • This offer is unrelated to the monthly Azure credits for Visual Studio subscribers. Visual Studio subscribers continue to have a monthly credit for Azure use, which is completely separate from the Enterprise Dev/Test offer. See the details on monthly credits for Visual Studio subscribers.

  • The monthly Azure credit offers for Visual Studio subscribers are best suited for the following scenarios:

    • Skills development
    • Experimenting with Azure services
    • Light individual dev/test workloads
    • Prototyping, proofs of concept, and other throw-away work

    The Enterprise Dev/Test offer is ideal for:

    • All team dev/test workloads
    • Medium-to-heavy individual dev/test workloads
  • Yes, your Visual Studio subscribers can sign up for the Pay-As-You-Go Dev/Test offer.

  • Both of these offers are available to Enterprise Agreement customers and both are billed through the Enterprise Agreement.
    The core differences are that:

    1. The Enterprise Dev/Test offer is restricted to dev/test usage only, and only by active Visual Studio subscribers. The standard Enterprise offer has no such restriction so it can have production workloads as well and be accessed by any users.

    2. The Enterprise Dev/Test offer provides access to special Dev/Test images in the Gallery, such as Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, which are unavailable in the standard Enterprise offer. Dev/Test Azure offers are the only way to run Windows client in the cloud.

    3. The Enterprise Dev/Test offer provides even lower rates on Windows virtual machines, Cloud Services, HDInsight, and Web Apps (based on the equivalent size and type Linux VM rate). Rates for all other Azure services are the same as on the standard Enterprise offer.

    4. The Enterprise Dev/Test offer is not covered by Service Level Agreements.
  • The ability to create subscriptions based on the Enterprise Dev/Test offer is restricted to Account Owners who have been given permission to do so by an Enterprise Administrator. If the Visual Studio subscriber is an Account Owner with this permission, then yes they could set up Azure subscriptions based on this offer.