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Azure for US Department of Defense

Accelerate national security priorities with the broadest range of commercial innovation for government.

Do more for the mission with Azure

Azure empowers tactical teams to achieve greater visibility, move faster, and make more informed decisions. Be future ready with greater intelligence at the edge, unified security to protect the nation's data, and solutions for secure remote collaboration.

Military planes flying over military ships in the ocean

Explore key mission themes

Build a unified data strategy for mission

Generate insights and make faster, better decisions, no matter where your data is located. Integrate data from diverse sources—whether in disconnected scenarios at the extreme tactical edge or data fed by satellite or submarine—and make it accessible to the people who need it.

Modernize systems for speed to innovation

Get new capabilities into the hands of servicemen and women as quickly as possible. Build, manage, and deploy integrated IT using your preferred languages, frameworks, and infrastructure, including your own datacenter and other clouds.

Lead with connected cybersecurity

Defend mission data with intelligent, automated, and integrated security to help you monitor for anomalies, connect seemingly disparate alerts, and stay ahead of advanced threats. Assess and visualize the security of resources across your digital estate with a unified view.

Enable secure remote collaboration

Empower forces to drive mission impact anytime, anywhere with solutions for modern collaboration and remote work. Keep data within organizational boundaries, even in disconnected or intermittent scenarios.

Build government capabilities with these Azure services

Azure AI and machine learning

Do more with your data using integrated tools designed for a broad range of skills—from business users to data scientists.

Azure Sentinel

Detect threats faster, respond more effectively, and eliminate costly infrastructure with a cloud-based security information event management (SIEM) solution, powered by AI.

Azure Stack Edge

Use a portfolio of devices to bring compute, storage, and intelligence to the edge where data is created.

Azure Defender

Protect your Azure and hybrid cloud workloads with extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities.

Azure IoT

Connect assets and equipment to the cloud with solutions that unlock real-time insights, enable system interoperability, and help secure your resources.

Azure Kubernetes Service

Easily deploy and manage containerized applications.

Azure Web Apps

Create and deploy mission-critical web applications that scale.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Quickly deploy virtual desktops and apps to enable more secure remote work.

Discover your next career

Develop the critical skills required in today’s growing technology industry. Get the government cloud security training you need—whether you have a security clearance or not— with Microsoft Software & Systems Academy (MSSA) and transition to a high-demand career.

Start building with Azure today