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Dokumenteret analyseprogram

Dokumenteret analyseprogram

Azure Analysis Services delivers enterprise-grade BI semantic modeling capabilities with the scale, flexibility, and management benefits of the cloud. Azure Analysis Services helps you transform complex data into actionable insights. Azure Analysis Services is built on the proven analytics engine in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.


The total cost of Azure Analysis Services depends on the chosen tier and the instance.

Azure Analysis Services is available in Developer, Basic, and Standard tiers. The key feature differentiators between the tiers are in the table below:

Feature Developer Basic Standard
Multiple Partitions
DirectQuery Storage mode
Dax Calculations
Row-level Security
In-mem storage
Back up and restore

Within each tier, the price of instances vary by the processing power, QPUs, and memory size.

Azure Analysis Services is Generally Available since April 19, 2017. The prices below reflect GA prices, which will be effective starting June 1, 2017. Public Preview prices (50% discount) will be effective prior to June 1, 2017.


The Developer Tier is recommended for evaluation, development, and test scenarios. It includes all the functionality of the Standard Tier but limited in processing power, QPUs, and memory size. The Developer Tier doesn’t offer an SLA.

Instance QPU'er Hukommelse (GB) SLA Pris1
Developer 20 3 Ingen $-

1Månedlige prisberegninger baseres på 744 timer pr. måned.

Basic Tier

The Basic Tier is a general-purpose tier and recommended for production solutions with small Tabular models, limited user concurrency, and simple data refresh requirements.
Instance QPU'er Hukommelse (GB) Pris1
B1 40 10 $-
B2 80 20 $-

1Månedlige prisberegninger baseres på 744 timer pr. måned.

Niveauet Standard

Standard-niveauet for Azure Analysis Services gør det muligt at køre et produktionsmiljø.

Instance QPU'er Hukommelse (GB) Pris1
S0 40 10 $-
S1 100 25 $-
S2 200 50 $-
S4 400 100 $-

1Månedlige prisberegninger baseres på 744 timer pr. måned.

Dev/Test Offer coming soon

Azure Analysis Services offers Dev/Test pricing on the Standard Tier for development and testing applications. The Dev/Test rate is a significant discount from regular Standard Tier prices, and available through the following Azure offers:

  • Pay-As-You-Go Dev/Test
  • Enterprise Dev/Test

  • These offers are only available for use by active Visual Studio subscribers.

    Support og SLA 

    • Free billing and subscription management support.
    • Guaranteed SLA for Basic and Standard Tier. Read the SLA

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