Azure IoT

通过物联网 (IoT) 赋予企业和行业塑造未来的能力。使构想成为现实。

通过与 IoT 的领导企业合作来占据行业领先地位

所有行业的组织都在使用 Azure IoT 开发新的业务线,通过使用人工智能和机器学习快速处理来自各种 IoT 设备的大量数据,以提高生产力并减少浪费。

为什么选择 Azure IoT?

Azure IoT 是适合任何群体的 IoT

Azure IoT 在 Microsoft 数十年企业经验的基础上构建而成,旨在供所有组织使用。

无论是任何行业或是任何规模的组织,也无论是与合作伙伴合作还是独立经营,Azure IoT 都能提供实现 IoT 目标所需的所有设备、工具、数据分析和安全功能。

  • 灵活

  • 智能

  • 可信赖


$267 billion

2020 年制造商在 IoT 上的预计支出(美元) 1

+$100 million

数字化转型程度更高的企业营业收入的平均增长额 2


预计到 2021 年底使用 IoT 的企业的比例 3

详细了解你所在行业的 Azure IoT

你的同类组织正在借助 Azure IoT 蓬勃发展

"We see IoT as a strategic, competitive advantage. We’re improving the efficiency and cost structure of our business, which enables us to build more products at more competitive prices."

Sagegreenlife 产品副总裁,Harry Eschel



"When it comes to IoT, there is huge potential to deliver value to the food and feed processing industry. "

Bühler 集团数字官,Stuart Bashford



"Using Microsoft's Azure IoT Hub technology, we're able to synchronize real-time data from customers' equipment from TAG to the Azure environment. Instead of having to do a periodic checkup and react when a problem occurs, IoT triggers the EAM-automated maintenance process when the system notices a problem."

Verosoft Design IT 总监,Jason Bell


Verosoft Design

"Tirematics sends data and alerts directly to the manager. This allows us to respond to problems quickly without having to wait for the driver’s report."

Hato Bus 观光巴士事业部车辆服务部执行董事,Yoichi Matsui



"The ability to automate these transactions across thousands of machines and countless miles is transformational for this industry. Now all parties involved can have immediate electronic records of transactions, real accountability in these remote locations, immediate awareness for maintenance and diagnostics, and new levels of information about every transaction."

Rockwell Automation 远程应用程序监视部业务经理,Doug Weber



"Over the coming decade, we plan to drill thousands of new wells and build dozens of new facilities. It’s challenging to keep up with that pace, but with Azure, we have the digital technology to help support our growth in a manageable and sustainable way."

XTO Energy 总裁,Staale Gjervik



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使用 IoT 行业唯一的端到端安全性解决方案来提高资产的安全性


使用 Azure Sphere 为新的和现有的 MCU 驱动设备提供强大的保护。






2 Keystone Strategy 采访(2015 年 10 月 - 2016 年 3 月);根据 34 亿美元的公司收入中间值,增加的营业收入为 1 亿美元

3 假设与 Microsoft,IoT 信号:2019 研究成果总结,2019 年 7 月