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    Intune - need the ability to find what Desktop application installed in MDM managed computers

    With computers provisioned with Windows 10 AutoPilot and managed from the cloud, I need a way to know what applications are installed along with their version to ensure compliance. These are not the Windows Store apps. Just like Intune think client on Win7 used to do

    From Azure Site Recovery replicated items list, provide an ability to export to a CSV the list of replicated servers for auditing purposes.

    There are requirements to validate the list of ASR replicates hosts and compare against a list from a CMDB showing critical servers. I can output from the CMDB to a CSV file, but no ability from ASR replicated items view in portal.

    developer benefit becomes fee liable?

    for a long time i have had a free developer benefit with azure, been fighting ad blockers and attempting to find new and better performing ads etc, no easy task so out of left field azure starts pulling a stunt without disclosure etc, that is wrong at its most basic sense so now my portfolio of websites is locked out so I cannot go someplace else this sort of behaviour from MSFT is far from novel and there needs to be some changes to make it easier to use

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