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    We should have the visibility/Dashboard to see what all rules are being triggred from the owasp rules

    We should have the visibility/Dashboard to see what all rules are being triggred from the owasp 3.0 Currently if my website goes slow and application team reports that its slow because of waf we dont know what rules are being triggered. We raise a ticket to Microsoft backed and then they will provide the set of rules to us. This dependency should be remove

    Dark Theme for Azure Data Factory

    Recently I've been using the Azure Data Factory UI. Having now been used to having pretty much all Azure tooling I use capable of using Dark Themes, switching to Data Factory is a bit of a pain - the constant switch from dark to light is horrible. Also being Visually Impaired, this would be a major accessibility bonus! Please add the same theming as Azure Portal to the Data Factory UI.

    SSPR - Allow password reset from Windows 10 login screen when connected to wifi

    This suggestion is related to the SSPR functionality at the Windows login screen. The process is described here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/active-directory/authentication/howto-sspr-windows The password reset screen loads fine and a user is able to reset his AD password when connected to LAN (computer authentication) However, when connected to wifi (computer and user authentication / user re-authentication occurs) the password reset screen says that there's no internet connection. SSPR needs to be allowed on wifi networks using 802.1x authentication thar have the option “Perform immediately before user logon” disabled.

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