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Workspace selection added to Analytics, in each of your query editor tabs

Published date: July 17, 2018

In Azure Log Analytics, you can now easily select your active workspace with the Select workspace button, available from the top of the schema pane. (It's also available in Azure Application Insights Analytics, offering application selection.) The selector is added to each one of your tabs, so you can query a different workspace in each query editor tab for your convenience.


When you click the workspace selection button, a selection bar shows up. You can choose the relevant subscription and workspace, and click Apply:


The schema and query explorer lists are then reloaded, to match the data and queries stored in the selected workspace.

With this new feature, you can quickly select a different workspace to query, without losing the context of what you were working on. In fact, you can choose a different workspace in each of your query editing tabs, instead of opening Log Analytics in different browser tabs.

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