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Public Preview: Support for Azure VMs using Premium SSD v2 in Azure Backup

Published date: April 26, 2023

We are happy to announce public preview of enabling Azure Backup on Azure VMs using Premium SSD v2 in the East US and West Europe Azure regions. Premium SSD v2 offering provides the most advanced block storage solution designed for a broad range of IO-intensive enterprise production workloads that require sub-millisecond disk latencies as well as high IOPS and throughput — at a low cost. Using them enable you to meet the ever-growing demands of your production workloads such as—SQL Server, Oracle, MariaDB, SAP, Cassandra, Mongo DB, big data, analytics, gaming, on virtual machines, or stateful containers. With this feature, we aim to address a key ask from customers, who are looking to enable Azure Backup on Azure VMs running on Premium SSD v2. It will allow you to ensure business continuity for your virtual machines and to recover from any disasters or ransomware attacks.

Enabling backup on Premium SSD v2 is currently available in select regions and we plan to keep adding support in more regions over the coming weeks. If you are interested in participating in the preview, you can request access to get started. To learn more, refer to the documentation to enable backup on your Azure VMs. 

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