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Azure Monitor for containers now support monitoring of Network configurations with Network Policy Manager (Preview)

Published date: October 30, 2020

Azure Monitor for containers now support monitoring of your Network configurations which are configured through Network policy manager (NPM).  In your AKS cluster, you can now monitor your network policy such as:

  • Summary information about overall configuration complexity
  • Policy, rule, and set counts over time, allowing insight into the relationship between the three and adding a dimension of time to debugging a configuration
  • Number of entries in all IPSets and each IPSet (OS sets a hard limit on number of entries)
  • Worst and average case performance per node for adding components to your Network Configuration

Azure Monitor for containers will start collecting NPM Prometheus metrics & which you can visualize through our new workbook.

  • To enable monitoring, you can configure Container Insights agents to collect NPM's Prometheus metrics by setting the following in the container-azm-ms-agentconfig.yaml.
  • Visualize using our NPM workbook through Azure Monitor for Containers Insights experience workbook drop-down.

Netwwork Configuration for Azure Monitor

Learn more about NPM monitoring here.

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