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New Azure IoT Central App Template - Video Analytics is now available

Published date: August 19, 2020

In our mission to improve the speed, simplicity, and integration for IoT solutions, Microsoft and Intel collaborated to build an end-to-end video analytics solution using Azure IoT Central and Azure Media Services.

Released this August, the new IoT Central video analytics template simplifies the setup of an Azure IoT Edge device to act as the gateway between cameras and Azure cloud services. The template installs the IoT Edge modules such as an IoT Central Gateway, Live Video Analytics on IoT Edge, OpenVINO Model server, and an ONVIF module on the Edge device. These modules help the IoT Central application configure and manage the devices, ingest the live video streams from the cameras, and easily apply AI models such as vehicle or person detection. Simultaneously in the cloud, Azure Media Services and Azure Storage record and stream relevant portions of the live video feed.

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