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Azure Backup now supports selective disk backup and restore using Azure Virtual machine backup solution

Published date: January 31, 2020

Today, Azure Backup supports backing up all the disks (OS and data) in a VM together using the Virtual Machine backup solution. With exclude-disk functionality, you get an option to backup one or a few from the many data disks in a VM. This provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for your backup and restore needs. Each recovery point contains data of the disks included in the backup operation, which further allows you to have a subset of disks restored from the given recovery point during the restore operation. This applies to restore both from the snapshot and the vault.

This solution is particularly useful in the following scenarios:

1. You have critical data to be backed up in only one disk and you don’t want to back up the rest of the disks attached to a VM. This minimizes the backup storage costs.
2. You have other backup solutions for part of your VM data. For example, you back up your databases or data with a different workload backup solution, and you want to use Azure VM level backup for the rest of your disks and data to build an efficient and robust system utilizing the best capabilities available.
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