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Azure IoT Central new and updated features—November 2020

Published date: December 11, 2020

Support for IoT Plug and Play

Azure IoT Central now supports IoT Plug and Play, pairing ready to use IoT Plug and Play certified devices with a ready to use IoT Platform. Azure IoT Central makes IoT easier, faster and more predictable. Learn more.

New STO tier pricing - $1 per year per device

Customers have made it clear that Azure IoT Central’s simplified pricing model is a fantastic way to streamline budgeting for large deployments and deliver predictable monthly costs for IoT solutions. However, the existing pricing tiers don’t meet the needs of devices sending just a few messages per day. To address this, there’s a new pricing tier at less than $1 per year per device. This new ST0 tier is designed for devices sending messages as frequently as every two hours. This enables new scenarios such as fleet management, smart metering, smart appliances, smart buildings, as well as the breadth of asset and condition monitoring or predictive maintenance.

To learn more, visit the Azure IoT Central pricing page.

Jobs API

The jobs API preview lets you to programmatically create, execute, retrieve, rerun, resume, and stop jobs to streamline bulk device management. You can use the API to configure a job in IoT Central and trigger a rerun operation. Jobs can be triggered based on a variety of different variables from both inside and outside IoT Central.

To learn more, see the list of supported actions in the REST API documentation.

Device developer documentation improvements

We've updated the Create and connect a client application tutorials adding samples for C, C#, and Java.

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