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With Automation you can save time, reduce errors, and increase efficiency while lowering your operational costs. Automate all your frequent, time-consuming, and error-prone IT management tasks, in the cloud or on-premises, freeing up your own time to focus on work that adds business value. Automation works with all the Azure services you know and love, as well on-premises systems and those in other clouds. You can also use Automation to connect and manage any online service with an API.

Azure automation provides capabilities to do process automation, update management, desired state configuration, track changes, and collect inventory.

Process automation is priced per job execution minute while configuration management is priced per managed node.



Prosessautomatisering er tilgjengelig på gratisnivå og Basic-nivå. Faktureringen baseres på antallet brukte jobbkjøretidsminutter i den aktuelle måneden. Kostnader for prosessautomatisering påløper hver gang en jobb kjøres. Jobbminutter aggregeres på tvers av geografiske områder.

Gratis Price
Jobbkjøretid 500 minutter $- per minutt

Configuration Management

Configuration Management includes the configuration pull service and change tracking capabilities. Billing is based on the number of nodes that are registered with the service and the log data stored in the Azure Log Analytics service.

Charges for Configuration Management start when a node is registered with the service and stop when the node is unregistered from the service. A node is any machine whose configuration is managed by Configuration Management. This could be an Azure VM, on-premises VM, physical host or a VM in another public cloud. Billing for nodes is pro-rated hourly.

Gratis Price
Azure node N/A Gratis
Non-Azure node 5 nodes $- per node

Update Management

Update Management includes visibility and deployment of updates in your environment. There are no charges for the service, you only pay for log data stored in the Azure Log Analytics service.

Gratis Price
Any node N/A Gratis

Kundestøtte og tjenestenivåavtaler

Vanlige spørsmål

  • We bill you for usage over and above the free included units. For automation and configuration management, the billing is based on the total number of job run time minutes for process automation, the number of hours for automation watchers or the number of nodes for configuration management. Usage is aggregated across all the Automation accounts associated with your subscription. For example, using 5 500 minutes in a month would result in a $- charge.

  • Included free units are units available for you to use at no charge, and are refreshed every month. Any usage incurred over and above the included free units in a given month is billed at the standard pricing rates for a given solution.



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