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Azure Arc

Secure, develop, and operate infrastructure, apps, and Azure services anywhere.

Innovate anywhere with Azure

Azure Arc is a bridge that extends the Azure platform to help you build applications and services with the flexibility to run across datacenters, at the edge, and in multicloud environments. Develop cloud-native applications with a consistent development, operations, and security model. Azure Arc runs on both new and existing hardware, virtualization and Kubernetes platforms, IoT devices, and integrated systems. Do more with less by leveraging your existing investments to modernize with cloud-native solutions.

Extended Security Updates enabled by Azure Arc are now available for Windows Server 2012/R2 and SQL Server 2012

Consistent development and operation experience to run cloud-native apps anywhere and on any Kubernetes platform.

Deployment of data services like SQL and PostgreSQL as cloud-native services in your preferred environment for data insights.

Azure security and governance for applications, data, and infrastructure across diverse environments.

Flexible infrastructure and connectivity options to meet your regulatory and latency requirements.

Develop cloud-native apps and operate them anywhere

  • Build and modernize cloud-native apps on any Kubernetes.
  • Integrate Azure monitoring, security, and compliance into your DevOps toolkit.
  • Reduce errors and accelerate innovation with GitOps and policy-driven deployment and configuration across environments.
  • Get up and running immediately with your existing tools and practices including GitHub, Terraform, and Visual Studio.
  • Write to the same application service APIs that can run consistently on premises, across multiple clouds, and in edge environments using any Kubernetes.
  • Optimize costs with Azure Hybrid Benefit to run Azure Kubernetes Service on Windows Server and Azure Stack HCI at no additional cost for Windows Server Software Assurance or CSP subscription customers.


An overview of data services in Azure.

Harness data insights from the cloud to the edge

  • Create applications faster with an end-to-end solution from local data collection, storage, and real-time analysis.
  • Reduce management overhead and risk exposure through integrated security and governance tools for data.
  • Improve operational efficiency through consistent data and AI tools, services, and automations.
  • Deploy Azure Arc-enabled SQL Managed Instance or PostgreSQL (in preview) on any Kubernetes distribution and on any cloud.
  • Get started in minutes with one-click deployment of the managed machine learning add-on, and train models on any Kubernetes cluster with Azure Machine Learning.


Secure and govern applications, data, and infrastructure across diverse environments

  • Get Extended Security Updates enabled by Azure Arc to secure and patch your Windows Server 2012/R2 and SQL Server 2012 resources.
  • Govern your disparate environments through the Azure portal to simplify multicloud management and drive operational efficiencies.
  • Use cloud-based threat detection, response, and analytics with Microsoft Defender for Cloud.
  • Centrally manage a wide range of resources including Windows Server on AzureLinux on Azure, SQL server, Azure Kubernetes Service, and Azure Arc-enabled data services.
  • Perform virtual machine (VM) lifecycle management for your Azure Stack HCI and VMware environments from a centralized location.
  • Delegate access and manage security policies for resources using role-based access control (RBAC) and Azure Lighthouse.


Overview of a policy for a Tailwind Traders service in Azure.

Meet regulatory and connectivity needs with flexibility

  • Meet residency and sovereignty needs with a variety of infrastructure options including Azure Stack HCI.
  • Meet governance and compliance standards for apps, infrastructure, and data with Azure Policy.
  • Get simplified edge computing infrastructure for low-latency applications.
  • Operate with full, intermittent, or no internet connection.

Azure Arc-enabled services

A person standing in a meeting using a laptop.

Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

Run AKS on supported customer-managed infrastructures and deploy containerized Windows and Linux applications in datacenters and at the edge. Create GitOps configurations to keep Kubernetes clusters in sync and automate updates for new and existing deployments. With service mesh, provide capabilities like traffic management, resiliency, policy, security, strong identity, and observability to your workloads.

A person walking up stairs and using a tablet and pen.

Application services

Choose from multiple application services including Azure App Service, Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps, Azure API Management, Azure Event Grid, and Azure Container Apps.

Data services

Deploy critical Arc-enabled data services like SQL managed instance and PostgreSQL (in preview) on premises, in the multicloud environments, or on any Kubernetes distribution.

Two people working together at a desk.

Machine learning

With Azure Machine Learning—training (in preview), train machine learning models and get reliability with service-level objectives. With Azure Machine Learning—inferencing (in preview), deploy trained models using Azure Arc–enabled machine learning.

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Azure Arc-enabled infrastructure

Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Suse, Windows Server.

Use Linux and Windows virtual machines (VMs), bare-metal servers, and other clouds with the same server management experience across environments. With built-in Azure policies for servers, you're able to view and search for noncompliant servers. 

Learn more about Azure Arc-enabled servers.

Logos of container platforms that allow Kubernetes integration such as ubuntu, Rancher and Openshift.

Use the container platform of your choice to add built-in Kubernetes Gatekeeper policies and inventory, organize, and tag Kubernetes clusters. Deploy apps and configuration as code using GitOps with out-of-the-box support for most CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation)–certified Kubernetes.

Learn more about Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes.

Extend your datacenter to the cloud and deploy compute resources as well as cloud-native apps at your remote locations and manage them in the Azure portal. Choose from more than 25 hardware-validated partners, or re-use hardware that meets validation requirements. 

Learn more about Azure Stack HCI.


Perform full lifecycle management on VMware VMs and use Azure RBAC to provision and manage VMs on demand in the Azure portal. Access governance, monitoring, update management, and security at scale for VMware VMs from your datacenters or using Azure VMware Solution, Kubernetes clusters, and VMware Tanzu Application Service.

A person working at their desk across multiple screens.

Configure and manage your datacenter components as a single fabric in Virtual Machine Manager (VMM). Add, provision, and manage Hyper-V and VMware virtualization hosts and clusters. Discover, classify, provision, allocate, and assign local and remote storage. Use VMM fabric to create and deploy VMs and services on virtualization hosts.

Learn more about System Center Virtual Machine Manager.

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Built-in security and compliance

Get started with an Azure free account


Start free. Get USD 200 credit to use within 30 days. While you have your credit, get free amounts of many of our most popular services, plus free amounts of 55+ other services that are always free.


After your credit, move to pay as you go to keep building with the same free services. Pay only if you use more than your free monthly amounts.


After 12 months, you'll keep getting 55+ always-free services—and still pay only for what you use beyond your free monthly amounts.

See what customers are doing with Azure Arc

"Azure Arc supports us by freeing up our time from the day-to-day activities of the technical team and focusing on the customer value-add activities. It helps us to make sure that services are always on at the right time for the customer."

Scott Clennell, Head of Infrastructure and Networks, Greggs

"We needed workload contingency plans, like the ability to move a workload running in an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster... but we needed something that could help us turn those into an enterprise-level service. That's where Azure Arc came in."

Nuno Guedes, Cloud Compute Lead, Millennium bcp

Millennium bcp

"To help our brands navigate the supply chain crisis, we needed visibility into things that we haven't necessarily tracked closely or analyzed before. We used Azure Arc to deliver the data capabilities necessary to create that visibility."

Shane Newmyer, Vice President of Enterprise Applications, Wolverine Worldwide

"We can use Azure Kubernetes Service on Azure Stack HCI to keep sensitive customer data and applications on-premises while gaining the scale and automation of Kubernetes for container management."

Benny Westaedt, Chief Information Officer, Van Havermaet

Van Havermaet building.

"We have managed to adopt a new infrastructure, increase our management footprint, and gain more control without increasing costs. Azure Arc helps us achieve economies of scale to truly optimize our operational expenditures."

Dimitris Stathopoulos, Digital Security Officer, Steelmet

A collage of manufacturing images.

"Azure Arc, with a Kubernetes-based deployment, allows us to leverage our existing infrastructure and our investments on premises to manage and automate database deployments."

Vinh Tran, Head of Cloud Engineering, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

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Frequently asked questions about Azure Arc

  • Read the documentation and how-to guides.
  • See a list of supported Kubernetes distributions.

  • Azure Arc–enabled Kubernetes delivers configuration management and application deployment from Azure using GitOps. Take a tutorial.

  • Azure Arc supports servers running anywhere—on premises and in any cloud. These include Windows and Linux, physical and virtual, domain-joined, and nondomain-joined servers. See a list of supported Windows versions and Linux distributions. Learn more about Azure Arc–enabled servers.

  • Azure Stack HCI is a software solution that is hosted on validated hardware to give customers the ability to extend Azure to their on-premises environment.

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