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Content Moderator pricing

Automated image, text and video moderation

Content moderator enhances your ability to detect potentially offensive or unwanted images through machine-learning based classifiers, custom blacklists and optical character recognition (OCR). It helps you detect potential profanity in more than 100 languages and match text against your custom lists automatically. Content Moderator also checks for possible personally identifiable information (PII). Each Text API call can contain up to 1,024 characters each. Scan images (minimum 128 pixels, maximum 4MB size) for adult and racy content, optical character recognition (OCR) and face detection. You can also match against custom image lists. Each API call is a transaction.

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Instance Transactions Per Second (TPS) Features Price
Free 1 TPS Moderate
Standard 10 TPS Moderate, Review* 0-1M transactions - $- per 1,000 transactions
1M-5M transactions - $- per 1,000 transactions
5M-10M transactions - $- per 1,000 transactions
10M+ transactions - $- per 1,000 transactions

*Review feature is not available in US Gov Virginia

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Frequently asked questions

  • When using the API, images need to have a minimum of 128 pixels and a maximum file size of 4MB. Text can be at most 1024 characters long.

  • The text API will return an error code that informs that the text is longer than permitted. The image API will also return an error code that informs that the image does not meet the size requirements.

  • Human review tool is included in your subscription.

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