Microsoft Azure Hybrid Use Benefit

Move to the cloud for less using your existing Windows Server licence and Software Assurance

Now you can move your existing Windows Server licences to Azure and take advantage of significant savings as you extend your data centre to the cloud

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Saving big

With the Azure Hybrid Use Benefit, you can use on-premises Windows Server licences that include Software Assurance to earn special pricing for new Windows Server virtual machines in Azure – whether you’re moving a few workloads or your entire data centre.

Annual cost of a 1 base compute virtual machine on Azure with Software Assurance is typically about 45% less than a comparable Windows Server virtual machine

Here’s one example of how much you could save by running Windows Server on Azure using Azure Hybrid Use Benefit. When using on-premises Windows Server licences with Software Assurance, you only pay only the base compute rate.

*Savings based on two virtual machines in US East 2 Region running 744 hours/month for 12 months; Base compute rate at SUSE Linux Enterprise rate for US East 2; SA cost (Level A) for Windows Server standard edition (one 2-proc licence or a set of 16 core licences); Prices as of 26 October 2016; Prices subject to change.

Start saving today

  1. Determine eligibility
    Every Windows Server standard or data centre licence with Software Assurance is eligible for use with AZURE HYBRID USE BENEFIT.
  2. Deploy Azure Marketplace images
    Customers with Enterprise Agreement can select pre-built Windows Server images from the Azure Marketplace and deploy using their favourite client tools, such as Azure PowerShell and Azure CLI – Command Line Interface, or via the Azure SDKs (applies to Enterprise agreement customers only).
  3. Watch your savings add up
    Your charges will be calculated at the base compute rate.

Learn prerequisites, get step-by-step guidance to deploy Windows Server virtual machines in Azure and take advantage of this licensing benefit.