Try IBM software on Azure

IBM software, including WebSphere and MQ, is now Microsoft Azure Certified and available in the Microsoft Azure classic portal. What’s it in for you? With a licence for IBM software, you can take advantage of the on-demand infrastructure scaling provided by Azure to quickly start a virtual machine.

Here’s how in three simple steps

IBM delivers

IBM and Microsoft now provide best-in-class, end-to-end support for customers running mission-critical IBM software on Azure. You can use IBM software licences provided by Microsoft, which are pre-installed in virtual machine images, with pay-per-use pricing. Or, if you already own IBM software, you can install it yourself on an Azure virtual machine, in accordance with IBM policy. You now have increased flexibility and choice as to where to deploy your applications, as well as the safety and security that come from knowing that you will be fully supported by IBM and Microsoft.

Create VMs from images by Microsoft

IBM DB2 Advanced
MS Open Tech
IBM MQ V8.0.0.1
MS Open Tech
IBM WebSphere
MS Open Tech